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Grazioso Cecchetti

The Cecchetti method has been passed on either through direct contact with those who were taught by Enrico Cecchetti or, through a study of the Manual written by Cyril Beaumont and Stanislav Idzikovsky with additions by Margaret Craske and Derra de Moroda.

The discovery of a treatise written by one of Enrico Cecchetti's sons is therefore an important addition to the understanding and knowledge of the method as well as an insight into the teaching practice of the time. It is the only direct testament to the profession, way of thinking and culture handed down from generation to generation of the Cecchetti family that made the method of great Italian Maestro Enrico Cecchetti so famous.

For many years I had visited Turin to teach on an Easter course there and it was with surprise that I found out that it had been the city where Enrico Cecchetti's son had a school. Grazioso Cecchetti was born in St Petersburg in 1892 and of course studied with his father. Grazioso taught and choreographed in both Paris and Turin when he died in 1965.

In about 1995 Italian publisher Gremese published in two volumes "Classical Dance: A Complete Manual of the Cecchetti Method", Edited by Flavia Pappacena. A decision was made to publish an English language version, which Ann Franklin translated. Translating was not easy as it was important to keep to the original text and not to rewrite the book for today's readers.

I was pleased that Ann Frankin asked me to help with the English and the choreography as we had great fun trying out the exercises and enchainments often showing them to Laura Wilson, who had been taught by Enrico Cecchetti.

It is a valuable addition to the library for those with a serious interest in the Cecchetti method.

Written by Gavin Roebuck

Grazioso Cecchetti's Complete Manual of the Cecchetti Method
Volume One: ISBN: 88-7301-072-5
Volume Two: ISBN 88-7301-199-3

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